Ways A Built In Breakfast Nook Will Add Form And Function To Your Custom Kitchen Renovation

Irrespective of how much of a home cook you view yourself to be or not, the kitchen remains one of the busiest spaces in the home. In addition to meal preparation, the cosiness and warmth of the kitchen automatically draw individuals to this room. Thus, you will find that not only does your family congregate in this area often but so do your guests whenever you entertain. With that in mind, you are likely looking for ways to upgrade the look and feel of this room to make it all the more suited to both hosting and family meals. But instead of focusing solely on cabinetry, new appliances and replacing the floor for your custom kitchen renovation, consider updating the furniture by investing in built-in breakfast nook construction. Contrary to its name, this furniture is suited for all mealtimes. Below are a few of the ways that a built-in breakfast nook will add form and function to your custom kitchen renovation.

A breakfast nook will help emphasize an open plan

If you have limited square footage in your kitchen, the last thing you want is to have inclusions that will make this room appear more cramped and cluttered than it has to be. The great thing about a built-in breakfast nook is that it will automatically make the room appear airier since it helps with emphasising an open plan in this space. For starters, since this furniture takes up a corner of the kitchen, you do not have to be concerned about consuming all the square footage at the middle of your kitchen. Moreover, you have the option of constructing the nook at an area that is barely used, which helps with creating functional space in the kitchen. Lastly, by eliminating multiple chairs, islands and more, you get extra square footage that you can play around with.

Banquette seating offers multiple benefits

Some homeowners elect to have a breakfast nook installed in their kitchen since they simply like how banquette seating appears, but this is not the only advantage that you can reap. Admittedly, banquette seating does add a sense of relaxation to your meal times but this is not the only advantage you get to enjoy. For starters, this type of seating is extremely kid-friendly. If you have children, you are aware of how brutal they can be to floors by constantly scraping chairs across the surface, inevitably resulting in the need for resurfacing or other repairs. Furthermore, the benches that characterise banquette seating provide you with the option of integrating built-in storage to the breakfast nook. As a result, you have a better chance of managing clutter in your kitchen. Simply discuss with the furniture specialists on how best to tailor the banquette seating to the built-in breakfast nook design and you will have a piece that effortlessly complements your custom kitchen. 

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