Guidance for a Long-Lasting Mattress

When mattresses no longer feel comfortable to lie on, it is time to replace them. Sleeping on a mattress that is too old for you can mean that you end up with a bad back or neck in the morning. Far from simply meaning that you are not getting the quality of sleep you need, it could lead to long-term spinal problems if unaddressed. That said, mattresses will last much longer and support you better if you look after them properly. What are the best tips for maintaining a long mattress life?

Launder Your Linen Weekly

One thing that many people do not realise about mattresses is that they are susceptible to long-term deterioration caused by the natural body oils that all people excrete. Of course, your bed linen will capture the vast majority of these oils. However, if you fail to wash your bedding regularly, then your mattress will end up suffering as a result. Get into the habit of changing your linen once a week as a minimum.

Use Covers and Toppers

Another good idea for ensuring that your mattress lasts a long time is to use a mattress cover or a topper. Mattress covers are little more than fitted sheets, which are there to protect the mattress beneath. Toppers offer an additional layer of comfort and support. One of the good things about them is that they often lead to better quality sleep as they absorb some of the impact of your body's usual movement through the night. However, their main task of both covers and toppers is to protect the mattresses beneath from spillages and dirt.

Rotate Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress will help it to last much, much longer. Mattresses which are not rotated will end up becoming permanently deformed at the main pressure points, usually around the areas where your shoulders and hips lie. The majority of mattress manufacturers recommend rotating or flipping your mattress once every three months so that it does not suffer from this sort of deformity.

Keep it Clean

Finally, it is worth considering cleaning your mattress. Even those which are covered and protected still need to be vacuum cleaned once in a while. Any hard particles that have become trapped under your bed linen will be sucked up, thereby helping to prevent damage and tears from occurring. Most good vacuum cleaners have an attachment that is designed for upholstery and this is the right one to use mattresses.

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