4 Reasons Wicker Furniture Is Great When You’re Near the Beach

If you live near the beach, you'll probably want to spend as much time outside as possible. If you're lucky enough to have your own deck, garden or even a large balcony, you'll also want to pick up some outdoor furniture so you can relax while surrounded by the sun, sea air and the sound of the waves. Of course, there are plenty of options to choose from, and one of the most important things to consider is what material your outdoor furniture should be made from.

Here are just four reasons why wicker furniture makes the best choice when you're close to the beach.

1. It's Corrosion Resistant

Anyone who lives near the ocean will already know what a problem the sea air can be. It carries a lot of salt, which means corrosion can be a problem. Furniture with any exposed metal can start to rust much faster than it would away from the coast. Luckily enough, wicker furniture can be made without any metal parts at all, so corrosion isn't going to be a problem.

2. It's Steady in the Wind

With the wind coming right off the ocean, anything lightweight can be thrown around fairly easily. That's especially true on a raised deck or balcony, and it can cause damage or even injuries when you're dealing with furniture. Though it isn't too heavy to move around yourself, wicker furniture tends to be steady enough to stay put in all but the strongest of winds.

3. It's Easy to Treat

The air carries plenty of moisture when you're close to the sea. Wicker furniture isn't naturally immune to problems associated with moisture, but it can be easily treated to avoid rot and mould. You even have the option to invest in synthetic wicker furniture that isn't affected by water, sunlight, or high temperatures at all.

4. It Can Breathe  

One of the major benefits wicker has over other furniture is that it can let air pass easily, especially when a lighter weave has been used. That means your back will be able to breathe instead of getting sweaty. That's obviously a nice feature under any circumstances, but it's particularly welcome near the beach since you'll naturally like to be out when the sun is hot. If you don't want you and your guests to be peeling your tops from your backs whenever you get up, light weave wicker furniture is the way to go.