Top Attributes to Look for in a High-Quality Mattress

If you work all day, whether you're a parent or an office worker, then you need adequate and quality sleep to keep up with your schedule and live a healthy life. Therefore, high-quality mattresses should be your best friend because they are comfortable and do not restrict you to a single sleeping position. That said, high-quality mattresses have certain attributes that separate them from other types of mattresses. This article highlights the characteristics of a high-quality mattress.

1. Memory Foam Mattress

There is nothing as annoying as struggling to find the perfect sleeping position after a long and tiring day. Unfortunately, this is precisely what you get with ordinary mattresses, and they can affect the quality of sleep you get. As their name suggests, mattresses with memory foam are perfect for people that do not want to spend a long time finding the ideal sleeping position. The compressible foam takes up the shape of your body, thereby relieving pressure from potential pressure points. It is essential, particularly for people working long hours, and thus, likely to develop sore joints. The bottom line is that memory foam mattresses help you to fall asleep faster and better. Besides, they are easy to customise.

2. Firmer, Quilted Mattress

Most people want unrivalled comfort from their mattress but struggle to find one with an uber-plush feel. Notably, it is easy to be swayed by a thick-looking pillow top mattress. However, such thick tops might compress over time, thereby leaving you with an uncomfortable mattress top. A better strategy is to choose a firm, well-quilted mattress and add a replaceable mattress topper. Not only will the topper prolong the life of your mattress, but it will also guarantee comfort throughout a mattress's life. However, remember to replace a topper when it begins to lose its plush feel.

3. Multi-Zoned Mattress

It is not advisable to use a mattress that is very firm or very soft for health reasons. For instance, certain body parts such as the lumber region require adequate support, especially for people that sleep on their back or side. Similarly, other body parts such as hips and shoulders need a soft surface because they are susceptible to pressure sores. For this reason, a multi-zoned mattress provides the right support for different body parts. However, it is essential to specify where you want the softer parts on a mattress for a customised purchase.

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